Our Doberman Story

When James was a young boy walking to school, he passed a house that had a Doberman.  He looked forward to walking that fence line each day so he could reach over and pet this majestic animal.  Even after all these years, these memories have stuck with James.

When James was in college, he went looking for a four-legged companion.  While he was at the Humane Society looking for his perfect pet, a litter of supposed Min-Pins came in.  He could not resist the cuteness of these delicate, tiny puppies and adopted Courtney. Well as fate would have it, she grew into a full-sized Dobie.  She was beautiful and loyal. She had natural ears, one that stood and the other flopped. She had a long tail. She became his constant companion. She loved her ball and never went anywhere without it.  Unfortunately, at the young age of 7, she developed Leukemia and passed away.   

Four years later our family adopted our second Doberman, Abella.  She was an easy-going sweetheart. She was great with our kids when they were little and accepted any new animal that we welcomed into our house.  We were so fortunate because she lived to the age of 14. Courtney and Bella are missed and will never be forgotten. They were both such an important part of our family and we have wonderful memories of them both.    

James and I are passionate about the Doberman breed and wanted to get more involved with them.  We wanted to educate people about the breed and show them that they do not live up to the stereotype.  So we decided to find a pair that we could breed. So, we welcomed Duke and Alexa into our family. This pair produced beautiful puppies that have the same amazing temperament as their parents. 

Over the years, we have learned that our beloved breed is in serious trouble.  The gene pool of the pure-bred Doberman is dwindling. This is causing the breed to experience a high number of life-threatening diseases.  We are committed to being a part of the solution for saving this breed. Our breeding program is part of the Doberman Diversity Project (DDP). DDP is made up of dedicated geneticists, veterinarians, scientific researcher and Doberman enthusiasts who are using genetic testing to determine the relationship between genetic diversity and diseases that are affecting our breed.  We encourage everyone to check them out at www.dobermandiversityproject.org

After breeding Dobermans for a while, our goal for the breed has changed.  We no longer feel that we need to convince people that the Doberman is the most loyal, intelligent and affectionate lap dog.  We are now focused on educating people about the need for appropriate breeding practices.  

Our goal for our breeding program is three-fold; We will breed Dobermans that meet the breed standards.  Through health testing, we will produce puppies that are genetically healthy and that will live a long and happy life.  And lastly and we will continue to only add pups to our breeding stock that have the incredible temperament that all our dogs have.   

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